District Planning Office

District Planning : Government of Gujarat has introduced Decentralized District Planning programme from 14th November 1980. This programme is carried out by district planning offices. A proposal of Public works is being prepared at Taluka level and submitted to district planning Board for approval. The In charge Minister of particular District is the president of the District Planning Board. District Planning Officer is member secretary of District Planning Board.

20 Point programmes : 20 point programme-2006 is a national programme. Which includes, poverty eradication, increase productivity, reduce imbalance of income and social and economical imbalance i.e. to fulfil national promises of Upliftment of life of the people.

Following programmes are implemented under Decentralized District Planning programme from the amount of Discretionary and incentive outlay.

District Planning Board can finance schemes on 100% basis independently from the Discretionary outlay considering minimum local requirements of district.The Incentive outlay for providing fixed proportionate government aided grant at District level for collecting additional financial instrument.

Key Functions

  • To work on Decentralized Planning Scheme
  • To work on MPLADS Scheme
  • To Work on A.T.V.T Scheme
  • To Work on MPL Scheme
  • To Work on 20 Mudda Scheme
  • To Work On Sagar Khedu Sarvangi Vikas Yojana Scheme.
The grant for the development of the geographically backward regions :

A component for community development works of local importance to meet local needs as perceived by Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA fund). To incite development works in backward talukas In order to bring backward talukas inline of developed Talukas. The outay for total 41 Developing talukas, 30 developing talukas and added 11 more human development talukas.

In order to maintain dignity of national festivals, Hon Chief Minister has initiated a scheme for allotment of special grant for community development works on the same day. Accordingly a grant of Rs 1 crore is given to collector for development works in Municipality area if it is Municipality or for development works in district and to District Planning officer for rural area. This new scheme has been started since 15th August 2003. Under this programme, National festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day and Inception Day of Gujarat State are celebrated. Since year 2008-09, apart from the district in which National Festival is going to be celebrated, one Taluka of remaining 25 districts are allotted a grant of Re 25 lakhs by State Government for development works under this scheme.

District Innovation Fund

A grant of Rs. 1 core in two installments is allocated by Central Government to 26 districts as per recommendations of 13th Finance Commission. Accordingly first installment of Rs.13 crore has been proposed as new item in the year 2011-12 in Decentralized deistic planning. This proposed Yojana has been transferred to A.R.T.D. to include in ‘Swarnim Swantay Sukhaya’ project. Since second installment is going to be allotted in the year 2013-14, no provision has been made in the financial year 2012-13.

In the year 1979 it was decided to allocate Grant on Percentage basis in Decentralized District Planning. In the year 2010-11 as per Taluka Centric Approach, Grant being allocated to each Taluka considering it as a ‘Development Unit’ and taking into account number of villages in that particular Taluka. This system is being followed in the year 2011-12 and 2012-13.

Aapno Taluko Vibrant Taluko-ATVT

In order to empower people to guide the growth process, Government has initiated the concept of ATVT–a sub district citizen centric approach where governance and development is facilitated at the grassroot level. Every taluka in Gujarat will be empowered to provide a local platform for driving double digit growth and social development. It provides a new model of growth based on grass root planning and consent from the people rather than control of the government.

Therefore “Aapno Taluko Vibrant Taluko – (ATVT)” is introduced for 4 years. The scheme would provide basic amenities at the village level viz., internal village roads, sewage disposal system, drinking water and solid waste disposal system. One fourth (1/4) of the villages to be taken every year. For this purpose, Government has provided of Rs. 37,525.00 lakh for the year of 2011-12 and Rs. 40,325.00 lakh for the year 2012-13. Rs. 420.00 Crores For the year of 2013-14, out of which Rs. 420.00 Crores has been already disbursed while Rs. 18.00 Crores has been kept for the newly earmarked Districts and Talukas.